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Group Rules

All families wishing to participate in this group must adhere to the guidelines set out in this section. This is enforced to preserve the dynamic of our group.

  1. Membership fees are due every October. A fee of $10 per family is required to become members of the group.
  2. Each family may attend one free meeting before paying membership dues.
  3. Upon signing up to become members of the group, each family must commit to at least one presentation.
  4. It is expected that each family will prepare a minimum of two presentations per year. 
  5. All presentations must be declared at least one week in advance
  6. No controversial topics are permitted, group leaders may speak with you about your topic if they are concerned it may be controversial
  7. All use of media, i.e. televisions, during presentations must be educational and minimal. It is not permitted to use the television for a majority of your presentation.
  8. Parents are required to supervise their children during all meet-ups; group leaders are not prepared to babysit
  9. All parents and children are expected to conduct themselves in a way that isn’t disruptive to the group; violence, bullying, and other unfriendly behaviours will not be tolerated.
  10. Sign up is mandatory for the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. Please register your child(ren) 1 week prior to the meeting by e-mailing the leader of the activity or by putting their name(s) on the sign up sheets available at each meeting. If you cannot attend, please e-mail the group leader as soon as possible.
  11. Activities are mainly geared towards children who are 4 and older. Parents are responsible for younger children who are not interested in activities.