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The Meaford Homeschoolers Fun Club was created in 2019 by three local homeschooling Moms who wanted to create a co-operative group to enhance the lives and education of local homeschooling children. This group is inclusive, friendly, and most of all, fun! 

How it works:

Families sign up by filling out a registration form, and are then able to attend regular meetings. Meetings are every Friday at the same time. Each week, a family signs up to present. Presentations are 1 to 1.5 hours long, and can include demonstrations, lessons, sharing, hands-on activities, and more. Usually, presentations are themed (i.e. all about bees, colour theory, etc). Each family is requested to present a minimum of twice per year.

Children of all ages are welcome. This includes toddlers, all the way up to teenagers. There are two rooms available for us to use, and sometimes the bigger kids may break off from the group to host a book club, play board games, work on projects, and more.

Throughout the year, presenters may bring in special guests to share unique talents or skills. This includes speakers of different languages, artists, business professionals, and more.

A calender is kept in the Members section of the site, and is available for all families to submit additions to. Here, weekly presentations and themes will be listed. Other activities, such as events hosted by other homeschooling groups, park meet ups, hiking trips, etc., may also be listed here. 

A members directory and archives of past presentations are also kept in the members area, which is password protected for the privacy of the families in our group.